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Woman - Necklaces

Butterfly Effect Necklace - Pink

from £42.99 GBP

Butterfly Link - Silver

from £79.99 GBP

Butterfly Link - Pink

from £84.99 GBP

5mm Tennis Choker - Pink

£49.99 GBP

Cuban Choker - Silver

£64.99 GBP

Cuban Choker - Pink

£64.99 GBP

CC Necklace - Gold

£44.99 GBP

CC Necklace- Silver

£44.99 GBP

Gold Letter Necklace

£49.99 GBP

Gold Rose Necklace

£44.99 GBP

LB Sapphire Necklace - Gold

from £44.99 GBP

Red Ruby Necklace - Gold

from £44.99 GBP

Red Ruby Necklace - Silver

from £44.99 GBP

Hamsa Necklace - Silver

£39.99 GBP

NB Sapphire Necklace - Silver

from £44.99 GBP

NB Sapphire Necklace - Gold

from £44.99 GBP

Wing Necklace - Silver

£34.99 GBP



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Treasury Jewellers has the greatest advantage of supply chains with quicker response to the latest trends. Our products range from chains, pendants, bracelets and rings for both male and female with the most leading-edge technology in the industry. Our products, providing style and quality, come dipped 4 times to prevent tarnishing and fading which you can trust. 

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